When them dranks be way too strong.


Galactic Dream - by: bun lee

See - some are smaller, some are
fatter, some grow to the left,
some to the right, some even have
some petals missing - all kinds
of observable differences, and we
haven’t even touched the bio-
chemical. You see, Harold, they’re
like the Japanese. At first you
think they all look alike, but
after you get to know them you see
there is not a repeat in the bunch.
Each person is different, never
existed before and never to exist
again. Just like this daisy -
(she picks it)
- an individual.

They stand up.

Well, we may be individuals all
right but -
(he looks out
at the field)
- we have to grow up together.

Maude looks up. She is very struck by what Harold said.
She speaks very softly and we see she has tears in her eyes.

Yes, that’s very true. Still I
believe much of the world’s
sorrow comes from people who know
they are this -
(she holds
the daisy)
- yet let themselves be treated -
(she looks out
at the field)
- as that.

"Harold and Maude" by Colin Higgins

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i think about this every day

Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts
The oxygen in our lungs, the iron in our blood and the carbon in our body were all made by an exploding star billions of years ago.

this was really a look tho
North Korea Leads the World in Human Rights, Says Report by North Korea

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sophieknc: Untitled, March 2014

Inspiration: painted backs. Head to toe. Root to tip. Subtle and Contrasting backgrounds.
Intergalactic creatures. Inspiration for next millennial fashion.


The loose pant is a good look
Mesh, well done.